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Are Carports Worth It? Pros & Cons To Help You Decide

Are Carports Worth it? Pros & Cons to Help You Decide

Is it worth investing in a carport for your home? We are here to show that yes, it is!

Not only can they protect one of the most valuable assets aside from your home (your cars), but they can also increase the value of your house.

Carports can be constructed as free-standing structures or fixed to a home. A more cost-effective solution than a garage, carports can be designed to complement and uplift the look of your home, increasing your street appeal.

Let’s take a look at some of the other advantages of building a carport that will have you the envy of your street.


Is adding a carport worth it?

A carport adds to your home’s value by increasing street appeal, adding security for your vehicle and creating protection from the weather. They cost less to build than a garage and can be constructed faster. Council approval isn’t often required for a carport structure, making it an easy solution.


Pros of Carports

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No one enjoys getting into a car that’s been parked in the sun all day long. Especially in the middle of a hot Australian summer. A carport provides shelter and security and might even provide you with extra benefits you haven’t yet considered.

  1. Protection from the weather

Obviously, carports provide your car with shade to keep the heat at bay. They also provide your vehicles with cover from rain, wind and hail storm damage. In winter, they protect your vehicle from snow or ice-covered windscreens following a frost.

Aside from your home, a car is one of the biggest investments you can make. Even the value of second-hand cars has risen in recent years, so it’s important to protect their paintwork and interior by keeping them covered.

  1. Increase your property value with extra security

A carport is a great investment because it increases the security of your home. They offer you protection from vandalism and theft, particularly for easily stolen vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, RVs and ATVs.

A carport within your own property line is also good for personal security. It saves you hauling your groceries in from the car when the only alternative is parking on the street and they can be fitted with extra security measures such as CCTV or security lighting.

  1. Increase your home’s value with extra street appeal

A well-designed carport can most definitely make your house look more attractive. Gone are the days when any old lean-to would do. These days they can be constructed using a wide range of materials and designed to compliment your home’s existing look. Take a look at these examples of how carports can boost your home’s street appeal.

  1. Cost-effective alternative to garages

Not sure if a carport is right for you? Carports can often be constructed where you might not have the space, budget or time for a garage. They are quicker to construct and therefore come at a cheaper price than a garage, too. And sometimes they don’t even require council approval.

  1. Design options to fit the look of your home

Carport designs have most certainly changed a lot in recent times as homeowners understand the value of this extra space.

Matching your carport to your home’s facade using a gable roof or the same exterior materials, or adding timber battens for extra privacy and security can help your carport blend into your home and boost its value. For example, a pitched or domed roof that complements your home’s roof line might also give you enough room to park family SUVs or business vehicles such as trucks.

  1. Additional storage space

Carports can also be designed to create additional storage space, say if your home has a small backyard or no room for a shed. They can also provide you with the extra space you need to park your caravan or boat.

  1. Additional living space

Carports can also be multi-purpose spaces that easily transform into an extra place for entertaining. By including an insulated roof, ceiling fans and contemporary lighting, tiles or feature walls during construction, a carport can even become an extension of your living space and somewhere to host your next outdoor Christmas party.


Cons of carports

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Carports can have some downsides though, particularly when compared to a fully lockable garage.

  1. Limited protection

Having no sides can offer you limited protection from the elements, particularly during a storm. They are also not as secure as a garage if they are not able to lock your car in, or your car is able to be seen from the street.

  1. Maintenance requirements

A timber carport requires the same sort of maintenance as the rest of your home and can wear out faster than a steel structure. It’s also worth noting that a poorly constructed roof without adequate insulation or fall can be prone to rust, mould or mildew.

  1. Potential zoning restrictions

All local councils require boundary setbacks and in some instances, council building approvals may need to be sought before you can construct your garage. Fortunately, Correct Constructions can help you apply for and obtain any permits you require before the building process begins.

  1. Reduced privacy

While they don’t offer the privacy of an enclosed garage, a carport can be made to feel more private with the addition of things such as timber privacy screens and even carport doors.


Factors to consider before installing a carport

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Before you have your carport built, it’s important to consider several factors, including your budget. Most people choose a carport because they are a more cost-effective option than building an enclosed garage. However, you also need to consider if a carport can provide you with enough protection from the weather and if your property has the room to accommodate one.

It’s also important to think about your existing home design and what sort of carport will enhance the look of your home.

Cost of carports compared to garages

When it comes to price, carports can definitely be a cheaper alternative to a garage, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on its functionality or design.

The average cost of carports

Carports can range in price from $1000 for a single vehicle carport kit right up to $20,000 for custom-built designs with all the bells and whistles. So size, site preparations, materials, roof pitch and council fees can all add to your final cost.

The average cost of garages

Garages can cost up to 10 times more than a carport to construct but usually start at around $20,000 for a single garage on a concrete slab with no internal linings and a manual door.

After a new carport? Correct Constructions have you covered

If you’re looking to protect your vehicle and add value to your home, a carport is clearly the right way to go. Correct Constructions design, build, install and supply carports. So when you want to keep the budget low but don’t want to skimp on quality, contact Correct Constructions.


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