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Sydney is famous for its lifestyle, with some of the most known and loved beaches in the world. It comes as no surprise that Sydneysiders love their sun, and outdoor living has become a key part of life. With such long and scorching summers combined with a love for being outdoors, Sydney homeowners are often looking for ways to cool the home naturally before resorting to switching on the air con and retreating indoors.

This is where awnings come in.

Awnings are like having an air conditioner outdoors, with the air being much cooler under a well-installed awning. This can not only cut your air conditioning costs but protect you from the sun’s rays while allowing you to enjoy the fresh air. Our quality products provide a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to your outdoor spaces, allowing you to make the most of your investment and lifestyle.

Read on to discover why an outdoor awning is right for your home.

The Benefits of Awnings in Sydney

  • Lower the cost of temperature control

By blocking the sun from some of its most direct contact, you will be keeping the inside of your home cooler, giving your air conditioner a break, and helping your insulation do its job, lowering your energy bills overall.

  • UV protection

Even though Sydneysiders love the sun, they are aware of the dangers it presents. By installing an awning, you will be giving yourself and your family a comfortable place to seek shade.

  • Make your furniture last longer

Sun damage isn’t just harmful to the skin, but it can rapidly fade your carpet, furniture, and leather upholstery to make it a sad remnant of its former glory. An awning can stop direct sunlight in its tracks to keep your furniture from cracking, fading, or splintering.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Heating and cooling large areas is one of the quickest ways to up your energy bill and increase the size of your carbon footprint. By installing an awning over your open window, glass roofs, doors, or balconies, you will be lowering your energy consumption while keeping your home cool the natural way.

  • Prevent sun glare

Nobody enjoys the sun shining right in their eyes, or when it bounces off your window to form a blinding glare. With an awning, you will have the rare benefit of ‘optional sun’, having more cover when you need it and wide-open space when you don’t.

  • Extend your outdoor room

Awnings are one of the best ways to get up close and personal with the outdoors. By adding an awning to your outdoor area, you will be gaining an extra space to dine, relax and enjoy your property no matter what the weather is doing.

  • Gain control over the weather

Maybe you can’t have total control over the weather, but an awning is perhaps as close as you can get. No longer do you need to cancel your outdoor lunch plans because the sky is looking grey, or retreat inside to avoid sunburn, as your awning works hard to protect you from all the elements.

  • Improve the street appeal of your home

Awnings have come a long way in the style and design department over the years, and with the range of colours and styles available, an awning could be the cohesion that your external facade is begging for. Your home will look the part in some of Sydney’s best suburbs, and the value of your home may earn a boost in the right direction.

Just as you wouldn’t plan a day at the beach without an umbrella or at least a hat, you shouldn’t leave your deck, outdoor entertainment areas or backyard without protection from the elements. Give your family, pets and air conditioning a break from the heat, while bringing cohesion and style to your home. What’s not to love!?

Your Sydney Shade Solution

We bring customisation to your outdoor solutions. Sun protection doesn’t need to be unpleasant or unappealing, and neither do your outdoor awnings. With a range of styles available, you can choose the one that will suit your interior and exterior facade and inspiration the best, from classic and simple to exciting and modern.

Our awnings are made to be low maintenance, durable and reliable, and our second-to-none installation process ensures they will stand the test of time even in the harsh Australian climate.


Outdoor awnings are a great solution for many homes and workplaces, improving the outdoor space instantly and making your entire property comfortable year-round. Plus, they look great!

We can help with our range of awnings, and we have a solution for any space constraint, unique request, or property layout. Our awnings can be made with a flat, pitched, or curved roof, and we can build with attachments to many different materials including concrete, timber or even free-standing. To keep your awnings low maintenance, stylish and as durable as can be, we create them using Colorbond roofing and beams, and aluminium powder coated posts. With our range of options for style, along with insulated roofing and light panels, we can create the perfect awning for you!

Make the most of the stunning location that you call home and bring control back to your backyard and outdoor living.

Scroll our awning options today or get in touch with our team to discuss how we can create the perfect awning solution for your home.


Why Choose Us

  • 25 Years of Experience
  • 25 Years of Experience

    With over 25 years of experience, Correct Constructions knows the ins and outs of patio, pergola and other building projects. Are you looking for experienced professionals? Look no further than Correct Constructions.

  • Affordable Quality
  • Affordable Quality

    Our building projects are done with your desires and wallet in mind. We want the best for your home, which is why we proudly offer affordable options based on your needs.

  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Superior Craftsmanship

    High-quality, superior work are attributes we pride ourselves in. Only settle for the best; with Correct Constructions, you’ll get that. We are seasoned professionals who know and have worked in this trade for years and know that work is only done when it is done right.

  • Customability
  • Customability

    Every home is different, so we offer custom solutions for all patios, pergolas, carports and more. Save your time with pre-made kits that only look good in brochures. We will design and plan with you to build a functional addition to your home or business.

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Locally Owned & Operated

    Sydney is our home, and we love it! Helping other Sydney residents make home improvements, build additions and enjoy their homes more is what we do. We love construction, and we also love this city.

  • Efficient & Reliable
  • Efficient & Reliable

    With Correct Construction, you get reliable and efficient work, so you are not left without parts of your home for a long time. Don’t worry about messy work, potential damage or long building processes! We work to do our best as quickly and conveniently as possible, so you can return to enjoying your home.

We Service All Sydney Suburbs

Check out the map for some of our specialty areas.

At Correct Constructions, we tailor our services to all regions of Sydney – including the Blue Mountains, South Coast and Central Coast. With over 25 years of experience building patios all over Sydney, we understand the local challenges and we know the requirements for structures to thrive.

For quality and custom designed patios, look no further than Correct Constructions.

Please check our service regions page for a detailed view and list of suburbs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between outdoor blinds and awnings?

Awnings always sit on the outside of the window, protruding to provide shade. Outdoor blinds are external blinds that cover the window and are more for security and privacy purposes.

Are awnings a good idea?

Awnings are ideal for homes and decks that are exposed to the extreme sun that Sydney is known for. Awnings come in all shapes and sizes and are a good idea for pool areas and outdoor living spaces to allow for enjoyment year-round.

Do awnings protect from rain?

Yes, awnings can allow you to sit outside and enjoy the rain without getting wet.


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