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6 Tips For Creating A Stunning Backyard Pergola Design

6 Tips for Creating a Stunning Backyard Pergola Design

Protection from the sun, decoration among the flowers, an outdoor entertainment hub, a place to retreat near the hot tub or pool – a backyard pergola can serve many purposes. New pergola designs have come a long way. Nowadays, Colorbond steel posts and a customised roof provide a space that is not only a functional but stunning addition to modern backyards.

If you’re planning on including a pergola in your landscaping, new home build or renovation plans – the options are endless. Variety can come from the way you plan on using your pergola, down to the materials you use to build it, or even which design will best suit your garden.

Read on to find inspiration, tips, and tricks to get the best out of your new pergola design.

6 tips for creating a stunning backyard with an outdoor pergola

1. Understand what a pergola is

There are so many versions of what people call a ‘pergola’ that it can be easy to be led ‘down the garden path’. Contrary to popular belief, a backyard patio, pergola, and gazebo can all refer to the same thing. So whether you want a slatted roof like a traditional pergola, an enclosed roof like what comes to mind when you think of a gazebo, or a pergola attached to your house like a backyard patio, we can make it happen!

A pergola is technically an outdoor structure composed of four beams with a roof, shaded or open layout. They can be an extension of your home or stand freely in your backyard to host as many (or as few) of your friends and family as you’d like. The options for customisation are endless!

2. Plan your pergola location well

With pergolas serving so many purposes and being such diverse structures, it can be challenging to know exactly where to build. The last thing you want is to finish your project and realise that it doesn’t provide shade during cocktail hour or is too far from the pool to allow you to watch the kids in comfort.

Consider how you and your family actually use the outdoors at present and the pain points that led you to want a pergola. If you spend more time near the pool, build it there. Attach it to the house if you want a space to provide privacy during your morning coffee or weather protection for your patio. You can easily add another structure to cover a different need, but it is challenging to move a pergola once it’s built if you haven’t chosen the correct location.

3. Let there be light

Outdoor LED lighting is a modern must for a stylish and functional pergola design. Get the ease of access for your guests and a look that is both Instagram and Pinterest-worthy by installing overhead LEDs, fairy lights, or even lighting underfoot.

You’ll use the pergola more often, with the issues of a setting sun solved by a simple flick of a switch and the lighting of a citronella candle. Integrated modern lighting solutions will ensure that your pergola is built to cater to your lifestyle.

4. Combine style and function

Your pergola should be equal in terms of beauty and purpose. This can be achieved by including elements such as built-in seating, a BBQ area, curtains, strategic storage solutions, outdoor screens and even blinds to provide ultimate privacy. Consider how you will use your pergola daily and combine elements of style from the main dwelling to create a complete and integrated appeal.

5. Refine & customise

One of the best things about working with a crew specialising in custom outdoor areas is that you can perfectly refine your design to suit your home and lifestyle. You are the one who gets to live your life with your pergola, so don’t be afraid to say no to certain things and request alternatives that better suit your needs. There’s no point building a space suited to a party when you’re more accustomed to a party of one. Scroll our pergola designs to find some inspiration for your next project.

6. Bring your personality

Adding elements of your personality isn’t reserved for when the job is done. With so many styles to choose from, you can integrate products and features from the get-go that reflect your Balinese paradise or cosy spa retreat. As a permanent fixture, your pergola should be created with your style or home value-adding goals in mind from the ground up.

Already have a pergola that is in desperate need of some love? Read on for tips for decorating your existing pergola.

The original backyard pergola design

Pergolas have a history that dates to the ancient Egyptians, with the earliest known pergola providing shade and comfort for a 1400 BC Egyptian high court official. Back then, the pergola likely featured a lattice wall to allow vines and plants to provide natural privacy and shade. With few trees to spare, even the most basic wood pergola was reserved for those most privileged.

Flash forward a few centuries, and not only do we have mass-produced furniture allowing for a table and chairs in every home, but outdoor features such as a deck and pergola are no longer restricted to scraps of wood or leftover plants. With modern materials, custom design and expert installation, your pergola could quickly become like a second living room, with storage, built-in seating, pergola plants, overhead lights and shelter to withstand all elements.

Most common pergola building materials

Some of the most common pergola materials include:

Each material has its pros, cons and maintenance needs, but at Correct Constructions we believe Colorbond steel is the premium choice for Aussie pergolas. Strong, durable and easy to maintain, your Colorbond steel pergola will blend seamlessly with your home and create an outdoor living space with a difference.

Read on for everything you need to know about creating a stunning backyard with your outdoor pergola.

How to decorate an existing pergola in your yard

Outdoor string lights

If you’re lucky enough to have a pergola standing tall in your backyard, you may be looking for some inspiration to make it your own. As such a regularly used lifestyle piece, it’s essential that your pergola feels personalised, comfortable, and set up for your lifestyle.

Consider these decorating tips the next time you’re scratching your head about how to make your pergola shine.

  • Add texture – curtains, plants, or stones
  • Bring in lighting through string lights or LEDs
  • Consider unique seating options such as a swing, hammock, or sofa.
  • Include outdoor furniture tailored to how you use the space, i.e., a dining setting or a coffee corner.
  • Add an outdoor kitchen with everything you need to make the most of summer.
  • Build a fire pit (make sure you have open roofing first)
  • Put outdoor wall art or lattice with vines along the sides to create a homely feel.
  • Include elements from the main dwelling in your pergola, be it paint colour, styling theme or hints of personality.

Are you ready to make your backyard more comfortable, functional, and stylish with a customised modern pergola? We can help you design your outdoor structures from the ground up to include everything you need to get the most out of your space. Get in touch with our customisation experts or send an online enquiry here, and you’ll be one step closer to your dream lifestyle.

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