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24 Carport Design Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

24 Carport Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Looking for a stylish new addition to your home or a unique feature for your next property? Many homeowners overlook the simple and practical structure that is the carport.

A new carport design is a valuable idea for your property as it provides a covered area for you to park your vehicle and it protects your car from the elements. Building a new carport with a unique design can also heighten the appearance of your property, with a driveway to match!

Cheaper and less time-intensive than building a garage, carports are a great alternative space for your vehicles. In this article, we’ll be sharing 24 carport design ideas that you should consider for your next renovation or build.

The 8 most important features to include in your new carport design

Car under carport in sunset

Before we show you our long list of carport design ideas, here are 8 fundamental features you must include in your plans:

  1. DURABLE MATERIALS: Your carport should be constructed with building materials that are able to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection to your vehicle.
  2. SIZE: The carport needs to be large enough to accommodate your car or other vehicles, while also providing enough space for people to walk.
  3. ROOFING: You should consider having a carport roof that is sloped to allow for water and snow to drain off.
  4. LIGHTING: It is recommended to include lighting in your carport design, to make it easy to see and navigate in the dark.
  5. DRAINAGE: Your carport should be designed to slope or otherwise drain water to avoid excess rain from pooling and potentially causing damage.
  6. DURABLE FOUNDATION: The carport needs a stable foundation that can support the weight of the structure and all vehicles parked inside.
  7. BUILDING CODES: It’s important to ensure that the carport design complies with the local council’s building codes and that all necessary permits are obtained before beginning construction.
  8. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: You may want to include additional items and features in your carport design, such as electrical outlets, built-in storage, or even a workspace.

It’s critical that you speak with an experienced carport builder before making any final decisions, as they can estimate the overall cost of the construction and tell you everything you need to know about the design.

24 popular carport designs to add to your home’s beauty

There are several carport design ideas to consider for your home, from large traditional options to something more modern and detached.

It’s important to consider the characteristics of your property and the people who live in it, such as the landscaping, overall house design, and the number of vehicles to account for.

Below, we have 24 carport ideas to give you inspiration for your own property. With so many styles and features to choose from, we know you’ll find the right design choice for your home.

Traditional carport designs

1. Old School Traditional Carport

This large attached concrete carport has a traditional design with enough room for 2 vehicles. It provides direct shelter from the outdoor conditions while remaining close to the home for ease of access.

2. Modern Sleek Carport

This carport features a concrete driveway for a single vehicle with a smooth modern finish. This is a bold choice for those who want a garage on their property that compliments and flows with their existing architectural vision.

3. Old Georgian Style

This mid-sized detached option is perfect for those who own a large property with plenty of room. The distance between the carport and the house provides a lot of opportunity for added features along the walkway, such as a garden or shed.

4. Traditional Garage

This standalone carport has a wide roof that is completely detached from the home and provides shade for the vehicles parked beneath. Similar to the design idea above, this carport can be complemented by a nearby garden or other outdoor feature to close and/or beautify the gap between the driveway and the house.

Contemporary & modern carport designs

5. Contemporary Modern Carports

This contemporary carport design is attached to the house without sacrificing its own unique look. While the carport is only large enough to house one vehicle, it has a number of benefits: the wood panelling provides privacy to the attached storage shed, proximity to the home, and the metal roofing for added protection against the elements.

6. Modern Glass Style Carport

If you’re looking for style over practicality, this carport design may be for you. The glass roof won’t prevent the sun from heating up your car, but the aluminium details, cobblestone driveway, and surrounding plants add undeniable contemporary beauty to this carport.

7. Modern Contemporary Wood Finish Carport

This large modern carport fits 2 vehicles underneath its wooden ceiling and steel columns. The dark carport structure contrasts nicely with the bright stone fence and driveway, all while having fenced-off privacy from the home itself.

8. Modern Wood Finish Carport

If you want a modern design that is completely detached from the main home, this flat roof carport is great for inspiration. It has a large wooden fence for extra security and privacy, with a sizeable and directly attached shed and storage space.


Detached carport designs

9. Spanish Style Carport

This detached carport boasts a mid-sized Mediterranean design for 2 cars and potentially a bike or other small vehicle. The panelled awning, large structure, and surrounding flora all provide privacy and comfort to the overall design.

10. Lake Home Carport

If you have beautiful views, such as this waterfront property, then an open carport is perfect for you. The surrounding outdoors is practically fully visible with easy access to the side and back patios.

11. Beach Cabin Garage

This charming farmhouse cottage design has a carport big enough for a single vehicle but is supported by an attached one-car garage for extra storage and vehicle space. If you’re looking for an option with plenty of privacy, consider this carport design.

12. Contemporary German Garage Carports

This carport offers plenty of room and opportunity for expansion in the future. The modern design sits atop a slanted driveway with an attached garage and a short walk to the large contemporary home. You could easily expand upon this design with an added dwelling upstairs or solar panels on the flat roof.


Beach style carport designs

13. Hamptons Style Carport

This home is heavily inspired by the beach houses in the Hamptons, with a matching carport for a practical and stylish finishing touch. The attached carport has a foundation that contrasts with the driveway, adding more emphasis to the structure and its vehicles. There are also lights on both sides of the opening for added vision at night.


Hamptons Style Home With Carport



14. Gold Coast Beach Carport


Gold Coast Carport


This carport garage hybrid design combines a modern aesthetic with a beachy style. The garage door opens up to the carport within the property’s fence line for added security and privacy. This is the best of both worlds for someone wanting the openness and outdoor qualities of a carport without losing the safety features of a garage.

15. Build it Yourself Carport Kits


Carport Kit


The simple design of this carport boasts a Dutch gable roof with skinny columns and enough space for 2 vehicles. While this carport may not offer much in terms of privacy or security when compared to other options, this simple open design is perfect for homeowners on a budget.

16. Mid-Century Beach Carport


mid-century carport

This carport offers plenty of protection from the traditional Australian summer elements, both sun and rain. Several storage cupboards line the back wall of the structure, and an automatic mechanical gate provides security and privacy.


Compact carport designs

17. Country Garage Carport

Combining a country design with modern colours, this compact carport design with full weather protection and lighting is still long enough to hold 2 vehicles.

18. Backyard Cottage

This small traditional carport has a wooden structure and a long driveway to fit at least 2 vehicles under the roof. If you’re looking to build a carport on your property but have a small budget, this is a cheap and cosy solution for your cars.

19. Old Traditional Carport

Only have enough room on your property for a small garage, but still lack adequate storage space? Take inspiration from this design and build a compact carport so you can park directly outside of your garage-turned-shed.

20. Home Built Carport

This modern midcentury design offers close access to the home with added security and privacy from the wooden foundation-to-ceiling panelling. There’s enough room for 1 car and another small vehicle, such as a motorcycle or bike.


Large carport designs

21. Craftsman Garage Carport

If you’re in need of a large carport with extra height, consider this design option. The tall structure can easily house a van, boat, or other tall vehicles without being parked far from the house. There are also entrances to the storage shed on the side, as well as stylish stone accents and rustic wooden columns for added beauty.

22. Patio & Garage Carport

This large attached carport can provide shelter for 2 vehicles while remaining close to the front entrance of the home. The garage can be utilised for additional parking space or as a storage and workshop area.

23. Mid Century Garage Carport

This large carport has enough room for 4 mid-sized vehicles, with even more room outside of the structure if you have company visiting your home. There’s also an attached shed and nearby entrance to the house, along with a complimentary garden and pathway to the side of the dwelling.

24. Modern American Garage

If your property is elevated with stunning surrounding views, a detached carport like this may be for you. It’s closed in with a garage entrance for security, privacy, and protection from the elements without sacrificing the views or the style.

Carports are practical and cost-effective alternatives to garages and coverless driveways that can add both functionality and style to your property. When picking the right carport design for your property, it’s important to consider the size, materials, roofing, lighting, foundation, and other factors to ensure that it’s the best fit for your home and your vehicles.

If inspiration has struck or you have further questions about the right design for you, Correct Constructions can give you a no-obligation free quote and consultation. Reach out to us today and get started on the next beautiful addition to your home.


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