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Cleaning Your Patio Or Pergola

Cleaning your patio or pergola

When you have a beautiful patio or pergola in Sydney, it is essential to maintain it by keeping it clean and presentable.

This is important not just for usability, but also for maintaining your outdoor structure. It will ensure they last for the longest time.

The method of cleaning will depend on the style and material of your pergola or patio. Overall, the process is simple and shouldn’t take too long.

The first thing you should do is clear the floor of your structure. If you have a BBQ, furniture or plants, move them aside to gain direct access to the whole floor.

Clean patio

If your pergola or patio has a roof or guttering, then use a ladder to reach the high places and clear off any dirt or debris from there.

You want to clean the roofing first because some dust and debris may fall on the floor – and you don’t want to have to clean it twice.

Ensuring your gutters are emptied and free from grime is crucial because, over time, water build-up can have severe detrimental impacts on your structure.

Whether it’s an issue with stains, rust or leaks, maintaining and cleaning your roof is vital.

Damage to your roof or coverings due to lack of maintenance could result in your structure being unusable. It may leak, which can damage furniture or appliances underneath. Cleaning your structure may not seem like a priority until damage incurs.

If you have timber decking or concrete slab flooring, then ensure you either sweep or power wash the surface to maximise your cleaning efforts.

It isn’t necessary to power wash, but it can help keep the flooring from staining or obtaining markings.

Timber flooring patio

If you have appliances or furniture that are in contact with the floor, ensure they have protective coverings on the feet. This will help eliminate scratches or damage, especially on timber floors. Consider wheels or soft-tipped fabric as options.

Is the flooring of your structure grass? Then ensure it is cut and manicured around the bases of the pillars as the overgrown grass can contribute to rotting. Metal frames are more durable but still require checking.

Grass flooring pergola

Plus, your whole outdoor area will look better with just a few simple cleaning tips.

The benefits of having a clean patio or pergola are indisputable. It is a simple, effective and easy way to maximise the beauty and use of your structures.

For more information about pergola maintenance or perhaps you desire a new patio in Sydney, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at 0480 024 188.

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