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The Cost Of Replacing A Carport Roof: What You Need To Know

The Cost of Replacing a Carport Roof: What You Need to Know

Carport roof replacement costs can vary greatly depending on why you need your roof replaced. It can depend on how well it was constructed in the first place, if you need to replace the roof because it is damaged, how old your carport roof is and the materials it is constructed out of.

Just one broken tile or piece of slate, or rusty nails in a metal roof can cause a leaky carport and leave you soaking wet on the way to your car.

So if you have a question about the price of a shiny new roof, let’s take a look at some things you need to consider when budgeting for replacing your carport shelter.

The average price of carport roof replacement: $1000-$15,000

How much a roof made of metal, polycarbonate, tile or shingles will set you back depends on the size and construction of your roof. It also depends on the condition of your framing and whether you have a kit carport or a custom-built carport. On average, a carport roof replacement will cost anywhere between $1000-$15,000, but that will vary depending on many factors like size and materials.

Factors that affect the cost of carport roof replacement

Carport with a yellow car under it

  • Size of the carport
  • Material of the roof
  • The type of roof you have
  • The difficulty of the project
  • Professional labour vs DIY

Size of the carport

Whether you have a single carport that fits just one vehicle, or a double carport (or greater), will determine how much roofing material and labour will be required.

Material of the roof

Colorbond steel and tiles are two of the most popular options in Australia. However, it’s worth doing some investigating if you are looking to replace your carport roof with different materials from those you already have. For example, if you are upgrading from a steel roof to a tiled one to match the rest of your home’s roof, your carport’s roof trusses will likely need to be reinforced with steel to carry the extra weight.

The type of roof you have

If your roof is steep because it’s a gable or hip roof, your builder will require a greater amount of safety measures and time for a replacement.  This is likely to add an extra cost to your overall bill.

The difficulty of the project

Once again, a steep roof can be more difficult to replace than a flat roof that is close to the ground. And if it is badly worn or damaged and parts of your roof frame also need to be replaced, this will also add to the final price.

Professional labour vs DIY

Do-it-yourself options will definitely save you money. But in the long run, you may be better off employing a carport builder to get the job done as you need to have the right tools and be capable of doing the work yourself. A DIY job that you have to fix again in 6 months will quickly lose its cost-saving value, compared with a quality professional job that fixes it once and for all.


6 Tips to budget for carport roof replacement

two cars sitting under a carport

  1. Decide which carport roof design is best for your home
  2. Determine if you need a building permit
  3. Get multiple quotes from contractors
  4. Consider financing options
  5. Make a budget and stick to it


1. Decide which carport roof design is best for your home

When it comes to replacing your carport roof, you need to assess whether it’s meeting your needs. For example, if a flat roof is causing you problems, or a flyover roof is causing water damage on your patio, maybe it’s time to consider changing the design. Perhaps your carport would be a great place for solar panels? A skillion roof might better suit your needs in the long run.

Being without a roof is the best time to change a roof line if this better suits your needs or if a different style would better complement the aesthetic of your house. Both the hip roof and gable roof designs are very popular at the moment.

As well as appearance, a carport is designed to protect your vehicle, so it’s also important to consider which roof design will best suit the weather conditions in your location.

2. Determine if you need a building permit for re-roofing

The rules on whether you need to have building approval or a council permit in place before your carport roof can be replaced vary from state to state. This will depend on your council area and how large the roof is. Building approvals help ensure your roof is constructed to building codes and meets current standards. Before council approval is gained, you will need to have the materials you plan to use along with the batten size and spacing, tie-down and property’s roof frame assessed by a building certifier. This will add to the overall carport cost.

3. What sort of material will you use to re-roof your carport

Many carport builders recommend using Colorbond steel on your carport roof for a number of reasons. It’s available in a range of colours, including the traditional shiny grey look, right through to modern colours such as blues and greens. It also comes in a variety of styles and often features a warranty to guarantee its longevity.

Polycarbonate is essentially a hard plastic sheeting. It’s a lower-cost option that can provide shelter from the sun and other elements for your vehicle and keeps carport costs low, but it won’t last as long as Colorbond or tiles.

The next most popular choice for carports is roof tiles, sometimes called shingles. These can be made of terracotta or clay, concrete or the more expensive option – slate. Your builder can inform you if your joists are up to the job of taking the weight of these heavier materials. Be sure to ask them to include this information in a written report or estimate.

4. Consider using non-traditional carport roofing materials

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional options. Asphalt roofing is relatively new to the Australian market but it has been used overseas for a century or more. The use of organic and fibreglass asphalt shingles are the two most commonly used types. However, you might need to search around for contractors who have used this material before or are willing to give it a try and guarantee their work. And don’t forget to factor in ongoing maintenance needs into the cost.

5. Consider your finances and get multiple quotes

It is always a good idea to check the cost of a new carport roof with more than one company to ensure you’re getting the best prices possible for the job. Keep in mind, quotes are just an estimate of the final price unless you sign a fixed-price contract. Always insist your contractor give you a breakdown of costs to repair your roof, including changes or repairs of the structure, surface preparation if required, removal of old roofing materials and your new roofing materials. Be on top of all the details and ensure your estimate includes GST.

If your carpenter notices wood rot, for example, and suggests replacing old timber joists, you will need to factor this into the price. Consider if a steel option, while more expensive, could add value to your home. It’s important to weigh up all the options when obtaining quotes, ask for advice and the benefits of each material, and budget accordingly.

When it comes time to choose a business, remember that the cheapest quote doesn’t always ensure you will get the best quality. Your contractor should be able to answer any questions you have – and don’t forget to check what their other customers have to say about their work.

6. Make a plan and stick to the budget

Once you’ve obtained a quote for the work, be sure to outline a plan and timeline. Don’t forget to factor in anything that’s not included in your builder’s estimate, such as council fees or gutters.

Now’s also the time to consider all of those last-minute projects that you might be best off finishing now. For example, maybe now’s the time to upgrade your gravel driveway to asphalt. Perhaps you’ve decided you’d like your carport to be insulated or want to add some extra lighting or storage. Ask plenty of questions of your contractors so that you can stick to your budget, while getting the best value for money.

For more information on repairing or replacing your carport roof, contact Correct Constructions.


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