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How To Design A Stylish Modern Pergola For Your Home

How to Design a Stylish Modern Pergola for Your Home

The pergola is making a comeback. With more people spending more time at home due to the recent surge of lockdowns and work-from-home trends, the backyard is often the only source of retreat, fresh air, exercise and relaxation. Adding a contemporary pergola to the garden or backyard provides homeowners with functional extra living space, a weather-resistant place to unwind and entertain, and a structure that adds style to the landscape design.

From the best materials for your pergola to explaining what kind of plants will suit your outdoor space, we’ve got you covered with designing a stylish modern pergola for your home. At Correct Constructions, we’re proud to help our customers create their dream customised outdoor space from the ground up.

Read on for more inspiration on how to design your stylish modern pergola.

The benefits of designing a contemporary outdoor pergola

Once you have a pergola, you’ll quickly wonder how you ever lived without one. Every family uses their backyard patio or pergola differently, but the top five uses for a pergola include:

  1. Creating a BBQ area
  2. Designating a pool party zone
  3. Creating an outdoor room or oasis
  4. Giving a home to plants and greenery
  5. Adding value to a house for sale

Whether you’re looking to create your pergola with these uses in mind, or you have something totally unique planned for your structure (maybe you’re looking for a refreshing take on the home office!), you may be wondering where to begin with designing your space. The main benefit of a customised contemporary pergola is that it allows you to develop the space around your lifestyle and the way your family uses the outdoors. Adding your personality is an important part of any renovation or home addition, and your customised pergola will allow you to do that in spades.

The best materials for a modern pergola design

Pergola with swimming pool

Traditionally, pergolas were made from timber without a roof, with vertical growing vines providing a shady element. In modern times, pergola designs have improved and their materials along with them. Nowadays, your garden pergola can support your comfort and enjoyment year-round, no matter what the seasons provide. The popularity of pergolas has improved with their versatility, varying in shape, size, positioning, height, colours, functionality and, most notably – materials.

The materials you use will depend on the purpose behind your pergola, the design, positioning on your property and of course, your budget. Some of the best materials for a modern pergola include:

  • Colorbond steel – our most recommended material for pergolas due to its strong weather resistance, low maintenance needs and design flexibility
  • Wood/timber – provides a timeless look with higher maintenance and susceptibility to weather damage
  • Aluminum – high resistance to the elements with low maintenance needs, yet doesn’t have great design flexibility
  • Brick and stone – long-lasting, charming, and easily maintained, yet very labour intensive to build
  • Composite materials – composite decking is experiencing a surge in popularity as a low maintenance and stylish flooring alternative to timber
  • Insulated panel roofing – perfect for summer BBQ’s, allowing you to enjoy a cooler space year round

With so many options for materials, it can be difficult to know which is best for your space. We can advise you on the best material for your region, needs and budget, to create the perfect modern pergola for your home. Otherwise, read on for our top design tips for your attractive modern pergola.

Tips for creating an attractive modern pergola

If you’re building a pergola, chances are you are somebody who loves to spend time outdoors. As the new focal point of your backyard and what is sure to be the topic of much conversation during your next event, you want to make sure your new pergola is looking its best. Once you’ve made tough decisions such as the positioning and materials of your pergola, next comes the design and styling of your structure.

Our top design tips are:

Light it up!

One of the simplest things you can do to make your pergola grab attention in all the best ways, is to add lighting. Lighting can be added along the side of your structure, under the flooring or in the roof as delicate string lights to bring a welcoming and upscale feel while making the experience accessible for your guests. Plus, you will be able to use your new pergola as much as you please!

Be strategic with your furniture

Without furniture, your pergola won’t seem welcoming or functional, with no space to relax and unwind. However, there is no point in adding furniture just for furniture’s sake. Plan it like your interior spaces with purpose behind each furniture piece, such as a coffee table if it will be your new morning spot, a bench seat with storage if it will be the site for supervising pool time, or everything you need in a typical dining area if you plan on spending balmy summer nights in your pergola.

Consider an outdoor kitchen

There is nothing better or more quintessentially Australian than cooking a meal in the great outdoors. Outdoor structures such as patios and pergolas provide the perfect area for an exterior kitchen, fully equipped with all you need to make anything from a sausage sizzle to the perfect charcuterie board. There are a range of outdoor kitchen styles to choose from to meet your culinary needs, and it will ensure your pergola gets plenty of use!

Create a statement piece

Designing a space becomes easier when starting with one focal point or statement piece. In your pergola, this will bring purpose to the space and inform the rest of your design. For example, a water feature with rain sounds may inspire you to follow a Zen theme, or a central fireplace may inspire a floor seating area with lots of cushions and a place to store your marshmallows. The design process will be easier with the rest of the space an extension of your statement.


Even the most beautiful architecture in the world needs textured elements such as fabric, glass, vinyl, pillows, or curtains blowing in the breeze to pique interest and inspire a homely feel. Your pergola is no exception! With plenty of outdoor friendly furnishing elements available, add cushions to your chairs, drape fabric from the beams or add screens for both style and function. Even strategic choices such as wicker furniture, wood tones and textured floor tiles incorporate texture in a functional way.

Add insulated panelling

Not only will insulated panelling provide a cooler space and allow you to enjoy more of your pergola, but their long spans can cover unsightly beams and match your colour scheme perfectly. With a durable finish, you will enjoy low maintenance needs and have a long-standing roof that will look great over the years.

When in doubt – add plants!

You can never have too many plants! Being a shady outdoor area with plenty of indirect UV rays available, you’d be hard pressed to find a plant that wouldn’t thrive in your pergola. The original pergola lovers used plants to provide protection from the sun, but you can use them however you like – grown on lattice, flowers in planters, wrapped around pillars, as a backdrop to your outdoor kitchen, or simply potted and placed along the sides. The options are endless!

Ready to get started? Check out our blog on how to grow plants on your pergola.

Ready to make your pergola ideas a reality?

We pride ourselves on providing an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution to your outdoor goals. From pergolas to decks and everything in between, we can create your next outdoor structure to stand the test of time, suit your style perfectly, and function to suit your lifestyle the best. Create a stunning backyard pergola area with a fully equipped, customised and expertly built pergola with our crew.

Give us a call on 0458 888 178, or get in touch with our Correct Constructions Sydney team for your obligation free quote.

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