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Do You Need Permits For A Pergola, Patio Or Carport?

Do you need permits for a pergola, patio or carport?

Before the actual construction of your pergola, patio or carport takes place, you must have council approval first. Not every structure requires approval but checking certainly will not hurt.

There is nothing worse than forking out the money and building a structure, and then being fined or having to remove it because it indeed needed approval.

Depending on where exactly you live, the council requirements may differ. And although friends and family may say that construction is fine without checking, they will not be the ones paying the fines.

Here at Correct Constructions, we are experienced and qualified in assisting with obtaining council approval as well as designing and constructing ideal patios, pergolas or carports.

Having a helping hand with getting council approval is invaluable and makes the whole process easier and smoother.

Depending on the property and structure, there are varying permits that exist. You may require a planning permit, which mainly focuses on the boundary and design regulations. A building permit, however, emphasises safety regulations and construction details.

Again, this is not always necessary, but a skilled building company will be able to assist in checking and complying.

Carports, in particular, are typically roofed, and therefore will most likely require a permit. But even then, the various areas of NSW, and even in Sydney, can have different permit requirements based on the type of roof a carport or other structure will have.

Carport in Sydney

Sometimes, your particular design requires requesting exemptions or special approval. This is possible and made more comfortable with us.

The cost of permits also depends on the exact type of approval you may need and the specific location you reside in. But getting proper permission is far better than risking fines and penalties.

Here at Correct Constructions, we are expert builders of patios, pergolas and carports in Sydney. We are local and understand the requirements. Our team is knowledgeable on the most effective methods of obtaining government approval.

For more information or to talk to one of our friendly and expert team, contact us at 0480 024 188.

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