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How To Achieve An Alfresco Look In Your Home

How to Achieve an Alfresco Look in Your Home

It is no secret that Australians love outdoor living, firing up the BBQ during summer and putting the chiminea to good use in the cooler months. The kitchen may be considered the heart of the home, but a well-designed, seamlessly flowing and perfectly styled outdoor space can be just as important. 

Including the alfresco area in the initial design and construction of your home, with palettes, textures, fittings, and furnishings to suit, can make the outdoors feel like an extra room, connected to all that is happening inside. With the hustle and bustle of modern life, there is nothing that beats the ability to make the home a paradise of your very own. 

An alfresco area is a perfect solution to give you a place to relax, unwind, entertain and enjoy – all without leaving your home. We’ve put together some of our favourite tips to help you get the most from your alfresco space.  

Let the Sun shine in

How your outdoor space can be designed will largely depend on how your block is orientated, but a design to allow just the right amount of sun is ideal. A north-facing deck will encourage the cooler, milder afternoon sun, and if you want to avoid UV rays altogether – a patio with a roof or a pergola provides the perfect solution. If you’re renovating the outdoor space, adding a skylight or light colouring in the render, decking or tiles will brighten the space and add an instant inviting charm. 

Wherever your outdoor area is located around your house, it should be designed to be seen from the inside, with floor to ceiling glass, open windows and sliding doors. This will open the space and make the two areas flow seamlessly, preventing ‘going outside’ from feeling like an effort. 

Use your space year-round

Alfresco translates to ‘in the fresh air’, and that is exactly what you will get to experience year-round with your tailor-made outdoor space. Generally, an alfresco dining area is different from a patio or pergola in that is it a true extension of the main house. If you’re building your home from scratch, it is simple to include an alfresco design in your floor plan. 

Alternatively – an alfresco space added during renovations is a perfect solution to your lack of outdoor living. The choice is yours whether you want to include insulated panel roofing in the design of your alfresco area or add a convertible roof. With insulated panel roofing, you will have protection from the elements to enjoy your space year-round. If open space is more your thing, retractable awnings, umbrellas and shade cloths are a simple option to keep the space open to the gardens and surrounding landscape yet provide shade when the sun is at its hottest. 

BBQ grill

Home is where the BBQ is

Nothing says relaxation quite like a BBQ with friends in your very own home. No longer do you need to cart eskies, gazebos and camping chairs down to the local park to enjoy a ‘simple’ lunch. A covered alfresco area can cater for anything from a television to a bar fridge to make entertaining as simple (and as enjoyable!) as can be. 

Outdoor kitchens are a luxury that many are rushing to include in their alfresco space, especially when the kitchen isn’t easily accessible, but the BBQ, pizza oven or outdoor range-hood mustn’t be too close to the doors of the home to prevent strong smells and smoke from entering the home. 

A place for style

When it comes to the design of your outdoor space, you can pay just as much attention to the furniture and fixtures of your alfresco areas as you have inside. Including on-trend items such as warm timbers, stone and earthy tones, is a great way to make your home look modern, upscale and expertly curated. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or are just a keen entertainer, those who enter your home will want to enter a space that feels welcoming, warm and relaxing. The best way to achieve this is to include what relaxes you, from plants to artwork and even your favourite style of chair. You will look forward to your morning coffee every day, and whoever enters your home will have a positive lasting impression. 

Make your alfresco area uniquely ‘yours’

We all have different routines, a range of preferences and family dynamics to consider. When putting together your alfresco area, consider what means the most to you. Do you struggle with the heat and need an outdoor fan? Do you really need a 10-seater table if you don’t entertain often? How are you most likely to use the space? 

Preparing your space with comfort, style and convenience in mind is key to ensuring you use the area as much as you’d like to. Whether your main goal is to cook outside more often, entertain more people or simply have a place to relax and wind down, create the space that will give you what you need. 

How we can help…

There is no doubt that an attractive and well-constructed alfresco area can add value and quality of life to your home. All the best alfresco areas begin with timber decking and grow from this point to include rendering, ceiling fans, BBQ and unique touches. 

With over 25 years of experience in making alfresco areas, patios, carports, pergolas and decks come to life, our team can take your outdoor living to the next level. Whether you have a Pinterest board full of ideas or want to start from scratch, we can make your outdoor vision come to life. To discuss your alfresco needs, get in touch with our friendly crew today. 

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