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How To Boost Your Home Into 2022

How to Boost Your Home into 2022

The housing market experienced a boom in 2021, and it is showing no signs of slowing down as we enter the third month of 2022. Removalist companies are booked out, real estate agents are swimming in commission and homeowners are making big changes to not only their location but to their lifestyle.

If you’re one of many who have recently relocated or moved into a new home, you may be looking to improve your style or upgrade your home. Both interior and exterior design has the potential to improve your lifestyle and the value of your home. It can be hard to keep track of ‘what’s hot’ as trends change with seasons, internet fads and the clocking over of a new year.

We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to modernise and improve your home to make your next makeover simple, boosting your style right into 2022 and beyond.

  1. Start in the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a kitchen renovation has the potential to make your home look and function like a modern masterpiece. Something as simple as a cabinet upgrade can brighten the home and add essential storage space, improving the function and comfort of your day-to-day life. Cabinetry is at risk of high wear and tear, and as a result, can age quicker than other elements in the kitchen. If you’re looking to add value to your home, buyers in 2022 are looking for quality and function. With a kitchen improvement – you will be giving them both.

  1. Add spatial definition

With the events of the pandemic, more and more people have started working from home. Despite relaxed COVID restrictions in most parts of the country, up to two-thirds of Australians are opting to work from home after experiencing success with it during the peak of lockdown.

Defined areas in the home can make all the difference to work-life balance, especially when adding a stylish home office. This definition can separate the family from work life and offer a space to let your creative mind run wild. A personalised space with creature comforts can change and morph over time with your life and family needs. Your new workspace can be created to be chic, sophisticated and thoughtfully designed to encourage focus and productivity. What’s not to love?!

  1. Sustainability made chic

Environmental consciousness is in fashion like never before, and for good reason. Estate sales, antique centres, Facebook marketplace and even resource recovery centres can be hosts of hidden gold, waiting to be improved and repurposed. With trends such as rattan, stained wood, reclaimed timber and industrial metal only gaining traction, repurposing older furniture has never been more appropriate. If you’re renovating an older home, consider how you can polish and repurpose the original fixtures such as hardwood floors and brass fixtures, and you will soon be the trendiest home on the block.

  1. Think like an architect

Adding architectural features into your home can make the space feel modern, intentional and effortlessly chic. This can include elements such as arched doorways, barn doors, Venetian plaster, millwork, and other timeless accents that will age beautifully with your home.

People are spending more time in their homes than ever, and stylish luxuries are becoming more essential. By including new light fixtures, well-designed ceiling fans or unique mirrors in your design, you will be making your home feel like a masterpiece that you’ll never want to leave.

  1. Texture, texture, texture

Say farewell to your smooth drywall and embrace texture, which is gearing up to be one of 2022’s biggest exports in terms of interior design. Materials and processes that add texture such as faux finishes are becoming more accessible and affordable, making the life of a DIYer life even more enjoyable.

Texture can mean adding a faux brick wall, concrete finish or even marble to give your home depth and intrigue. Wallpaper has made a big comeback and it is available in many major stores for a low cost, offering an easy styling option for renters and homeowners seeking a quick makeover. Many homeowners are passionate about letting their personal style shine through, which is where coloured textiles, 3D wallpapers and interesting materials come in. Textures can bring soul to a space, and oftentimes, they can be installed without major structural changes or huge cost investment.

  1. Innovate your home

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and one of the latest innovations is in-home tech. Making your home a ‘smart home’ will boost your family right into the modern era of home design, and make your life simpler, more secure and easier to navigate. Technology in your home design can mean anything from built-in breakfast nook USB chargers to heated floors or a virtual assistant. There is no quicker way to boost your home into 2022, and no better way to set it up for all the demands of modern life.

  1. Make the outdoors shine

Outdoor spaces have become more important than ever in the age of COVID. With a lack of freedom to explore local parks and spend time in public spaces, families have turned their attention to their properties for enjoyment and relaxation. Upgrading your outdoor space can mean anything from adding new furniture to staining the deck or adding an alfresco dining area. A patio or pergola can turn the outdoor space into an additional living and dining area, bringing the outdoors into your home and making stunning sunsets a common part of your daily life. You may have a neglected patch of grass or sprawling empty deck on your property. Perhaps the time is now to make it come to life for the sake of easy BBQs, modern style, fresh air and year-round relaxation.

Bringing your home into a new age can add value to your sale price or enjoyment to your lifestyle, and the time has never been better to express your personal style and embrace your creature comforts. We can help with the outdoor portion of your 2022 home overhaul, with a custom patio, pergola, carport, alfresco area or deck – simply contact our team here to get your renovation off to a great start.

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