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How To Clean Your Carport Roof In 6 Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Carport Roof in 6 Easy Steps

A carport can be a valuable addition to your house, providing an affordable yet effective solution for sheltering your car. However, when it comes to keeping the carport roof clean, it can easily become a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.

Cleaning your carport roof not only keeps your property looking its best, but also helps maintain your carport and gives you a chance to catch any maintenance problems early on.

So, with all that in mind, let’s have a look at how to clean your carport roof in a safe, yet effective, way.

How to clean your carport roof

Sparkly clean roof

The good news is, that in most cases, a little water and some everyday detergent are all you’ll need to have your carport roof looking spick and span. We recommend starting with gentler options, like a spray with the garden hose, and working your way up to stronger methods if necessary. This will help avoid any unnecessary use of harsh chemicals that could damage your roof.

When it comes to cleaning your carport roof, we recommend checking with the manufacturer as to the best means of cleaning and maintenance.

Required supplies

  • A reliable ladder
  • Cleaning agent (eg.soap or laundry detergent)
  • Water
  • Garden hose
  • Sponge or micro-fibre cloth


  1. Remove any large debris that you can by hand. This includes branches, leaves, sticks and rubbish.
  2. If your carport has gutters, remove any leaves or blockages.
  3. Once your roof is clear of any larger objects, use a garden hose to wash away any dirt. Though this doesn’t sound like much, you’ll be surprised how effective this can be.
  4. If your roof requires something more than just a spray, create a mixture of water and either a car washing detergent or laundry detergent. The mixture should be 1/4 cup of cleaning product to approximately 3.5 litres of water.
  5. Apply cleaning solution with either a sponge or fibre cloth and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes
  6. Wash off with clean water. Be sure to take safety precautions as roofing and your ladder can be slippery when wet.

While the above approach is an easy, non-invasive method which is safe on most roof types, always check with the product manufacturer for the best cleaning methods. If in doubt, hire a professional cleaner. Most will offer an obligation-free quote but discuss this with your potential cleaner.

Typical carport roof materials and their unique cleaning requirements


For metal roofs, we recommend starting with a low-pressure garden hose and building up to other options if need be. If the hose doesn’t work, use some soap. While you can use a pressure washer, we don’t recommend it, as it can cause more harm than good to the integrity of the metal.


Wooden shingles are prone to rot, cracks and mould and the sooner you catch the problems, the less damage they’ll cause. If you do notice any of the above, you need to call a professional to fix or replace any of the damaged materials.

Insulating Roofing

Insulating Roofing is a foam material often used between the Colorbond for carport roofs. For cleaning, we recommend using the same method as you would for a regular metal roof.

How do I know if my carport roof needs to be cleaned?

There are some tell-tale signs that your carport may be due for a cleaning.

  • Debris build-up: Any excess of dirt, leaves, or debris on the roof.
  • Any mould, mildew, moss or lichen on your roof surface
  • Overflow from the gutters, and downspouts: It may seem like this just causes a mess, but in the long term it can cause serious damage. Moisture is the enemy of most building materials, especially timber. Allowing water to build can lead to mould, rot and rust, all problems that are easier (and cheaper) to avoid than to solve.

How often should I clean my carport roof?

Most carport roofs shouldn’t need more than an annual cleaning, however, this depends on a few factors. While your carport roof may look fine from the ground, you need to see it from above to know what state it is in. We recommend checking your carport roof every couple of months and after any major weather event. If you notice any build-up of debris or mould starting to develop, it’s time to give the roof a clean.

What if I damage my carport roof while cleaning it?

Accidents happen, but there are a few common ways damage can occur when cleaning your carport roof.

Using a pressure washer

We love a pressure washer as much as the next person, but it’s not the right tool for every job. It’s also a tool many underestimate the intricacies of, meaning things can go wrong fast. Too much power can dent, scratch or even put a hole in your roof. In most cases, using a pressure washer on your roof is completely overkill. Your trusty garden hose will get the job done 99% of the time.

Using chemicals or cleaning products that are too harsh

When it comes to using cleaning products, always triple-check if they are safe to use on your roof. Using the incorrect cleaning product or chemicals can damage your finish, and paintwork or even corrode the material itself, leaving your roof looking worse than it did when you started.

Poor installation

All the maintenance and care in the world can’t save a poor installation. One of the top reasons a carport will experience damage from wind, bad weather or even a routine cleaning is that it hasn’t been installed correctly in the first place. Inexperienced people may not even realise they’re not installing their roof properly, so if you aren’t a seasoned DIYer or a tradie, we’d recommend having a professional build your carport. This will save you time, give you peace of mind and save you some potential headaches down the road.


If you accidentally damage your roof or find your roof needs some repairs, Correct Constructions can help you get your carport back to its best. We specialise in patios and carport construction and have over 25 years of experience in the game.

So get in touch today to discuss your carport with our experienced team.

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