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How To Pick The Best Steel Pergola Design For Your Home

How to pick the best steel pergola design for your home

If you’re installing a patio or pergola in your backyard, chances are you plan to use it year-round, making the most of your outdoor space.

An outdoor structure is a fantastic addition to any home, increasing the home’s value and bringing more function and purpose to the entire property.

Originally used by Ancient Egyptians to keep the heat at bay, pergolas have come a long way to more of a modern pergola solution in the past few centuries.

Nowadays, they are architecturally stunning and perfectly practical with a range of different designs and made using a range of long-lasting materials to stand up to even the harshest Australian conditions.

Treated Colorbond steel is one of those materials our team can’t look past when designing long-lasting and good-looking outdoor structures. Budget-friendly, made for Australian weather, and low maintenance, there are many reasons to choose steel to create your garden structure.

If you’re looking for more information about this versatile and durable material or ideas for your next outdoor solution, read on to discover all you need to know about steel pergola designs. Otherwise, learn more about our pergola instillation services here.

How Do Steel Pergola Designs Differ From Other Types Of Pergola Designs?

Steel Pergola Example

Steel pergolas’ most significant and beneficial advantage is that they are maintenance-free. Where timber pergolas may require sanding and staining regularly, a steel pergola will offer year-round weather protection without skipping a beat. Additionally, they are resistant to decay, termites, rot, and splintering and are unaffected by area-specific elements such as sand and salt.

The appearance of steel can suit any home or landscape design and be dressed up with greenery, plants, vines, lights, and colour to bring something unique to your outdoor space. Colorbond steel pergolas are quick and easy to construct and provide instant durability and strength.

How to pick the right steel pergola for your carport or home

Consider its purpose.

Are you building a pergola for home improvement to make it competitive in the market? Do you want it for decoration? Or do you have outdoor furniture begging for a place to live away from the sun? The way you plan to use your pergola should inform your design and selection process, and everybody in the family should have input. After all, if one person has big plans for an outdoor kitchen and the other for a fire pit right in the middle of the space, your design ideas will be very different.

The more specific you can be about how you plan to use your pergola, the better chance you’ll have at meeting the needs of everyone who will use the space regularly.

Choose the right sizes and layout

These days, pergolas do a lot more than add shade; their designs prove that. Square, rectangle, hexagon, or even a circle, your choices are wide open regarding the style of your metal pergola. Consider the appearance of your other outdoor areas and the size and shape of the space where the pergola will be installed. Square and rectangular pergolas are the most common because they’re the most versatile, fitting in almost any outdoor area.

Size is another important factor, with the overall square meterage of your backyard determining what is not only possible but most functional. An oversized pergola may not be the best choice if you have another focal point in your space, such as a large deck or pool. However, if it is the focal point, you can have more freedom in size and layout. The best pergola for your space will combine how you plan to use your space with the measurements and abilities of your outdoor area.

Ensure it has the right level of coverage

Everybody designs their pergolas differently, from a simple column structure to a screen wall along the side, and the roof options are just as diverse. Ensure your roof will allow the right amount of light for how you plan to use it while preparing for the reality of your location, such as rain and heavy wind resistance.

While a Colorbond steel roof will always be the most secure option with comfort even in hot conditions, there are elements you can add to bring further style into your space. For example, your pergola could feature a vine along the roof, a hanging plant or flower trellis wall, shade cloth or blinds, or a simple flat roof with open sides and functional styling that meets your requirements in all the best ways.

Design your roof and frame well

The quality of the materials and construction of your pergola is paramount, from the beams to the roofing. For what will soon be the shelter for your lifestyle, you need to ensure the finish, inspiration, and design of your structure are developed with longevity in mind. If you plan to spend your lunch break in your pergola but don’t plan for sun protection, or if you want to host dinners but don’t install lights, you may end up regretting your roof choice. For a pergola with an open roof, the amount of shade will depend on how closely the purlins and crossbars are installed, with more light blocked with a tighter design.

With our optional additions, such as insulated panel roofing, lights and fans, your pergola will have the best defence against rain, heat, and wind. In addition, installing lights in your structure can aid accessibility and encourage year-round use, even after sunset.

Pick your style adventure

Designing a new structure can feel overwhelming, particularly with so many products, materials, and Instagram-worthy designs out there. While considering your options, one of the best methods to narrow your search is to consider the space you already have. Look around your property and determine what you like about it, what you’d like to change, and what your future plans will be. Perhaps you’ve always wished for more established walkways, a different colour scheme, or more height diversity in the backyard. Your steel pergola can provide the perfect opportunity to kick off your backyard blitz.

How To Get The Best Steel Pergola Design For Your House

Perfect Pergola For Your Home

Patios, decking, and pergolas offer lifestyle and function to your outdoor space in special and unique ways. As an extra outdoor living room, your structure will fast become the hub for family functions, Sunday lunches, and early morning coffees. In building your structure, you want to ensure it is built to the highest standard with the best, most durable materials, tailor-made to suit the tough weather conditions Australians face daily.

This is where we come in.

Our services include Sydney and its surrounds, such as Penrith, the Blue Mountains, the South Coast and Central Coast, and we pride ourselves on creating the best custom-made and high-quality outdoor structures for every customer. Our custom finishing options include handrails, screening, lights, and fans, so your outdoor living area can be ready to entertain from the get-go.

We use the iconic Colorbond steel, so you can rest assured that your pergola will stand the test of time, requiring no maintenance and adding value to your home and lifestyle for years to come. To make your next big outdoor dream come to life, get in touch to chat with our team or to request your free quote.

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