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Origins Of Pergolas

Origins of pergolas

Pergolas are a beautiful addition to your home or business. They are a functional and stylish way of providing contrast, shade and a little outdoor retreat.

Although their purpose may have changed over time, this beneficial structure could be just what your property needs.

Here is an in-depth look at the origins of pergolas and why they have stood the test of time.


The word pergola stems from the Latin term pergula which means ‘projecting eave’.

There have been known pergolas in ancient Egypt, but there is debate as to whether they were designed for their beauty or for minimising the effect of the weather. Either way, this simple edifice has been around for a long time.

As history moved forward, various styles and influences would rise.

The Chinese often used pergolas for shade but added their own Asian flare to the carvings.

Chinese pergola

On the other hand, the Romans and Greeks opted to make more opulent pergolas and even adapted their grape vines to grow on them.

This created natural-style pergolas that facilitated their immense wine making and drinking.

France also caught on to the pergola trend but mainly stayed within the aristocratic sections of society. It was a sign of wealth and nobility.

The rich elite often loved hanging gardens which pergolas allowed, but even some farmers would use pergola-like structures to grow vine or hanging crops.

Hanging garden pergola

The renaissance era saw an increase in design, but not necessarily function.

The Italians loved to make extravagant features, just because they could. And many pergolas were created tall and beautiful although they’re not as functional as others.

Plants were often not seen on pergolas as it would take away the spotlight from the craftsman.

Then, a swing in styles came and people began to reject unnatural edifices and wanted more natural elements. So once again, plants and gardens were associated with pergolas.

Modern pergolas

Over time, pergolas went from being made of stone and brick, to being made of wood and metal.

Modern pergolas are mainly made from steel, such as Colorbond. This is to get them to last longer and provide various custom options.

Modern pergola

Many people today still choose to attach vines or plants to their pergola. Others opt to attach lights, speakers and even outdoor heaters, creating the ultimate outdoor space.

If you have a pergola, then realise you are a part of a rich history of style, structure and culture.

If you are thinking of getting a pergola for your property, then know that this timeless feature can contribute countless benefits to your home.

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