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People have been building pergolas for centuries to enjoy more outdoor space and bring beauty and function to the garden. What is essentially an outdoor room, a modern garden pergola can be the answer you’ve been looking for to bring more relaxation, fun and excitement to your home.

Where the traditional pergola design was made from natural materials such as stone or wood, modern pergolas are built to be durable, insulated, and a stunning focal point of your outdoor living area. Whether you have a small backyard or an expansive block, working with a custom pergola builder offers you a greater range of options to create a beautiful outcome perfectly suited to your backyard space.

We can create your pergola roofing to be curved, pitched or flat, giving you endless options for decorations and additions, from potted plants to outdoor kitchens. With more pergola design ideas than we can count, and endless inspiration to be found in your unique backyard, we will have the solution for your pergola needs.

Features of some of our favourite modern pergola

A unique outdoor room

A pergola can be designed and decorated in a way that makes it feel like its own unique outdoor room. Elements such as climbing plants, added shade, a water feature, removable curtains, and a comfortable place to sit can make your outdoor room an attractive place to relax and unwind, giving your guests an excellent experience every time.

A pergola roof with a difference

A well-constructed and designed pergola roof can add height and dimension to your garden, bring purpose to the structure, and improve the cohesion with your home or decks. We can create anything from a pitched roof to a classic flat roof, with quality materials to ensure long-term function and style.

A modern look

Pergola design has come a long way from the simple wooden structure of old, and modern pergola design ideas are vast and inspiring. Working with customisation experts throughout the entire process will ensure that your modern pergola is stunning and suited to how your family will use the space.

Make the most of your summer days

Nobody likes being controlled by the weather, least of all during beautiful summer days when the sun is just too harsh to enjoy being outdoors. A modern pergola can provide the sun protection that you need to enjoy the weather without sunburn. Just as you wouldn’t go to the beach without sun protection, having such a permanent measure in place to enjoy your backyard will allow you to use it more without a second thought.

Expand your living space

In working with a custom crew for your design and installation, you can ensure that your pergola is made to complement your main dwelling, being a perfect expansion of your living space. This can be achieved through colour matching with your deck or using similar roofs as you have on the main house.

Enhance your outdoor space with a garden pergola

Building your modern pergola to suit your home perfectly, or to stand out as a stunning feature of its own, is made simple with Correct Constructions. You can rest assured that we will have all your pergola needs covered so you can simply enjoy the finished product.

For more ideas and inspiration, get in touch with our team today. Otherwise, click here to get started on making your modern pergola design come to life. You’ll be kicking back and enjoying your garden in no time!


Why Choose Us

  • 25 Years of Experience
  • 25 Years of Experience

    With over 25 years of experience, Correct Constructions knows the ins and outs of patio, pergola and other building projects. Are you looking for experienced professionals? Look no further than Correct Constructions.

  • Affordable Quality
  • Affordable Quality

    Our building projects are done with your desires and wallet in mind. We want the best for your home, which is why we proudly offer affordable options based on your needs.

  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Superior Craftsmanship

    High-quality, superior work are attributes we pride ourselves in. Only settle for the best; with Correct Constructions, you’ll get that. We are seasoned professionals who know and have worked in this trade for years and know that work is only done when it is done right.

  • Customability
  • Customability

    Every home is different, so we offer custom solutions for all patios, pergolas, carports and more. Save your time with pre-made kits that only look good in brochures. We will design and plan with you to build a functional addition to your home or business.

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Locally Owned & Operated

    Sydney is our home, and we love it! Helping other Sydney residents make home improvements, build additions and enjoy their homes more is what we do. We love construction, and we also love this city.

  • Efficient & Reliable
  • Efficient & Reliable

    With Correct Construction, you get reliable and efficient work, so you are not left without parts of your home for a long time. Don’t worry about messy work, potential damage or long building processes! We work to do our best as quickly and conveniently as possible, so you can return to enjoying your home.

We Service All Sydney Suburbs

Check out the map for some of our specialty areas.

At Correct Constructions, we tailor our services to all regions of Sydney – including the Blue Mountains, South Coast and Central Coast. With over 25 years of experience building patios all over Sydney, we understand the local challenges and we know the requirements for structures to thrive.

For quality and custom designed patios, look no further than Correct Constructions.

Please check our service regions page for a detailed view and list of suburbs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a modern pergola?

Modern pergolas are available in many different forms and styles, however, the only tried and true way to build your pergola is to work with professionals. Pergolas need to withstand the extremes of Australian weather and you want to make sure the materials, design and construction are up to the task.

Is it worth having a pergola?

A garden pergola can improve your lifestyle and bring much more purpose to your outdoor areas. We’ve never met a person who regretted having a pergola!

What can I use instead of a pergola?

There really is no better option! Some people use a shade cloth, but this will not be weatherproof or long lasting.


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