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Plants You Can Grow On Your Pergola

Plants you can grow on your pergola

A pergola in Sydney can become the main attraction of your yard. And there are multiple ways to not only improve its look, but also increase the functionality of the structure.

As nature-loving Australians, we are always looking for ways to incorporate our physical structures with the earth. A simple way to do this is by adding plants.

You can use climbing plants to wrap around the pergola and use pots or rope to hold plants in place. Either way, livening up your pergola is not only possible but is also easy.

In this article, we will discuss the various plants you can grow on your pergola to improve your outdoor area.

Australian honeysuckleHoneysuckle

If you are after a beautiful yet durable plant, then choose the native honeysuckle. With its tantalising smell and vibrant colour, this plant will be sure to create an attractive backyard.




Wisteria is yet another fragrant flower that is guaranteed to stand out. Loved for their beautiful purple hue, these are excellent for covering a pergola and having their leafy growth provide much-needed shade.



Trumpet VineTrumpet Vine

Primarily used for the arch type pergola, trumpet vines create an immense amount of shade. This produces coloured flowers that attract pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds.




Ivy is perfect for your pergola as it pops with a bright green colour without the difficult maintenance that most plants require. It will climb and grow, almost looking like it is wrapping around the structure.



LavenderPotted Lavender

Hanging plants are not the only ones you should have on your pergola. Placing potted lavender at the base of the pillars can provide a nice look and a beautiful scent while acting as an effective insect repellent.




Your outdoor area might have a more rustic feel. Instead of an abundance of flowers, it might benefit from plants such as cacti as they are sturdy and resilient. Plus, they look fantastic and exciting in pots! These can round out a themed outdoor area.




Perhaps you have always wanted a herb garden or access to fresh edible greens but have never had the space or patience. Well, a pergola can be a convenient spot to grow some herbs or even a tomato plant. Not to mention, the delicious smell they give off will be lovely.

You can use hanging pots or drill some pots into the pergola itself. Then, you can walk outside and pick some fresh herbs whenever you please.


Another sturdy plant that looks beautiful is succulents. They thrive in a variety of weather conditions. And when placed in decorative pots, they look fantastic.

These can help add pure beauty to your pergola without the hassle of large and intrusive plants.


Talking about climbing plants again, another great option is the grapevine. It can provide excellent shade when grown. And it produces fruit, which is an added benefit. Its leaves have a beautiful green shade that is sure to add vibrancy to any pergola.


These are just some ideas for your outdoor pergola. As the foremost pergola builders in Sydney, Correct Constructions prides itself in providing excellent structures as well as brilliant design ideas.

For more information about how to obtain a pergola, decorate it or which plants are best, then contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 0458 888 178.

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