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Protect Your Car – Rain, Hail Or Shine – Without Breaking The Bank

Protect Your Car – Rain, Hail or Shine – Without Breaking the Bank

Cars are often the most expensive and highly prized possession of the household. We rely on our cars to get us to work, do the school run, pick up the groceries and take us on far off adventures, all while keeping us safe and comfortable. As important as cars are to our daily lives, they are not always treated as such; left outside exposed to the elements and unpredictable, damaging weather. The last thing anybody wants is to rush out the door to find their car hail damaged, wind-torn or too hot to drive.

This makes a carport or garage almost as important as the car itself, offering your investment the protection it deserves. 

Protect your car from the elements… 

There are several ways that the weather can damage your car. Extreme conditions along with day-to-day weather fluctuations can be enough to decrease the value of your car and shorten its lifespan overall. 

Heat can do much more than just cause seatbelt burns. Most people know not to leave animals or children in the car during a hot day, but few consider checking the car’s temperature gauge before setting off for the day. During periods of extreme heat, the interior system of your car can reach temperatures that are detrimental to its function and performance. 


hot sun affects cars without a correct constructions carport

Temperature Matters

Most mechanics suggest that the temperature of the car should be as close to the centre of the gauge as possible, never too hot or too cold, to maintain functional and safe operation. If your car is left under the beaming sun for too long or too often, the radiator is likely to be your first victim, which is never a cheap fix. 


raindrops on the ground

Extreme Conditions

Extreme wind and rain are common in many parts of Australia and can result in damaging weather events from flash flooding to hurricanes. While the wind itself may not be enough to lift your car off the ground, there are many dangers surrounding your property that can severely damage your car. If your car is left out during a storm and water is left to pool, the water damage and mould can be detrimental and impossible to eradicate.

The concrete base and solid structure of your carport will give you considerably less to worry about during a storm, providing a safe way out if you need supplies and keeping the vehicle safe and dry. 


hail damage to a car's front hood

Prevent Damaging Hail

Hail is the biggest culprit of surface damage to cars, with thousands of cars written off annually from telltale dints reigning upon vulnerable roofs. Insurance companies report thousands of claims a year in NSW alone thanks to hailstones that range from flecks to cricket ball-sized blocks of ice falling from the sky with little to no warning.

With a carport, you won’t have to experience the sinking feeling of helplessness while looking out your window as your car gets pummelled during the next hailstorm. More importantly, you will be protecting yourself from a nasty bump on the head as you run in from the car or rush to cover it with towels during the next storm. 



UV Rays on a car without a correct constructions carport

Sunshine Also Affects Your Vehicle

UV rays are a known enemy to human skin, but did you know they can severely damage your car? If you’ve ever seen a gloriously bright coloured car fade and blister to a sad-looking remnant of its former self, you’ve witnessed a UV ray victim.

Australia has some of the strongest UV rays in the world, and as an invisible enemy, they often do their worst damage as your car is sitting in the sun while you seek shade.

Fading, blistering and peeling can happen to even the most luxurious interiors, causing the leather and trim that you paid thousands for to end up devaluing your car. 

Your car may be modern, expensive and well designed, but it was not built to deal with the extremes of Australian weather. Even the hardest yakka vehicles are not immune to extreme heat, hail, wind and rain, and they need your help to remain in a high functioning, safe and visually appealing condition. 


A carport provides the perfect solution. 



In building a carport, you will be increasing the longevity and value of your vehicle as the years go by. The reliability and durability of your car will remain consistent, and you won’t have to think twice the next time the weather hits. Without a carport, there isn’t much you can do to protect your asset from mother nature, and you will often be leaving the fate of your vehicle up to chance. 

Another additional bonus of owning a carport is that comprehensive insurance tends to be cheaper once they understand that your car isn’t as exposed to all of the harsh elements. Carports are truly a benefit that will continue to pay off in your future. 

Our custom carports can match the exterior of your main home to blend seamlessly and bring cohesion to your property. We are passionate about providing quality builds at affordable prices, so you can achieve the best protection while sticking to a budget that suits you. Our carports are developed with colorbond, steel and aluminium to suit even the harshest Australian weather, standing strong in both strength and design. 

Our professional crew can design your carport to suit your vehicle, the conditions in your area and the style of your home to bring the ultimate solution for your car, boat, caravan or trailer. Locally owned and operated, we have been providing carport solutions to Sydney locals for over 25 years. Click here for your obligation free quote or to enquire about your next carport adventure. 

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