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Top 5 Uses For Your Pergola

Top 5 uses for your pergola

Every aspect of our home or property should be designed to enhance our lifestyles. They should have a functional and aesthetic design that screams excellence.

If you have a pergola or are thinking about getting one, here are the top five uses of a pergola in Sydney that could inspire you today.


1) BBQs

There are only a few things more Australian than a good old-fashioned BBQ. A pergola enhances and adds functionality to any backyard BBQ by providing a defined spot for grilling and some shade to keep the beer cold.

Whether it rains or shines, you can enjoy some quality outdoor time because it keeps you covered. Pergolas allow you to have BBQs all year round. You can kick back and enjoy the shade, especially during summer.

2) Pool parties

Now this one only really applies if you have a pool as well, but even if you don’t, entertaining parties outdoors is made next level when you have a pergola.

At night, lights can be added to your pergola to add a beautiful and comforting feel, and during the day, a nice shady spot to escape from the hot sun after spending some time in the pool.

Pergolas allow you to have a designated food or sitting area which help keep the flow and organisation of outdoor functions to a maximum. They also allow you to decorate and create themes for your parties that otherwise would be difficult or impossible without a pergola.

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3) Outdoor retreats and hideaways

We all need alone time or some quality space – and what better place to have that than a covered, outdoor retreat.

Adding furniture and some lighting instantly transforms pergolas into the ultimate getaway right in our very own backyards. Being able to enjoy the outdoors in hectic cities like Sydney is essential for our well beings – and a pergola creates a private hideaway right at home.

Share a glass of wine or cold beer with a small group of friends or choose to meditate alone. However the quiet time is expressed, you will be sure to enjoy it.

4) Garden and plant utopia

Whether you have a wooden or metal pergola, plants can not only make the design feel more natural, but it can actually create a neat place for plants.

Vines can be grown on the side planks; planters can hang from the support beams and pots make the perfect surroundings. Having a pergola allows you to have plants outdoors that may not thrive in direct sunlight all day and can protect them from harsh elements such as hail or heavy storms.

By strategically designing the pergola and placing the plants, you can create a garden utopia that seamlessly blends with the rest of your home and garden. Not to mention, plants can help create privacy or perhaps a natural space that you can retreat to.

5) Home investment

Simply put, pergolas in Sydney are used to add value to homes. People looking to sell their homes can expect a well designed and installed pergola to increase its value.

Pergolas have many functions, but they are also beautiful and desirable especially to those wanting to entertain guests outdoors often. Think of pergolas as an investment because it increases the quality of living for your family and the value of your home if the time comes to sell it or rent it out.

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These are just some of the most popular uses for pergolas in the Sydney area, but we are sure you can find more.

If you are thinking about getting a pergola installed, talk to Correct Constructions today at 0458 888 178. We design, build and install custom-made pergolas, patios and all sorts of home improvements that are functional and mesmerising.

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