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Which Carport Design Is Right For Your Home?

Which Carport Design is Right for Your Home?

Carports provide a simple solution to a complex problem plaguing many Australian neighbourhoods – not enough parking space. Cars lining the streets is never a good thing, increasing the risk of weather damage, accidental prangs and even theft, yet some homes are built without garages or require the garages to be used for storage. If more than two adults are living in the home, this causes an overflow of cars, leaving someone to park on the street or block the rest in by parking on the driveway. Carports provide an affordable, simple and durable solution to this common problem, offering all the same benefits of a garage without the need for major renovation or huge budget blowouts.

There is a range of carport styles and designs to choose from, and it can be difficult to understand the right one for your property. Selecting the right carport will mean the difference between getting the right protection for your assets and the best aesthetic appeal for your home.

  1. Gable roof carport

A gable roof carport is one of the most common carports and is preferred for its traditional aesthetic and tidy appeal. A gable roof has a triangular shape with corners that bend down which is perfect for even the longest wet seasons. This roof will give your outdoor space a cohesive look to compliment the main dwelling while providing strong, durable and complete coverage for your car.

  1. Flat roof carport

A flat roof carport is slightly elevated to let the rainwater drain, but the angles are straight and simple to install. Flat roof carports are one of the most adaptive designs as far as materials go, with many choosing to use wood or similar material as the main dwelling to achieve a cohesive effect. Flat roofs are great for multiple vehicles as they can be easily extended and set up in any area that has open space.

  1. Hip roof

A hip roof carport has a four-sided pitched roof that closely mimics the roofs of most modern houses. These can add value to your home and blend in like they’ve been there all along. The standard pitch of a hip roof is 20 degrees, making it resistant to rainfall, weather debris or even sneaky wildlife, and they can be made from a range of materials to suit your aesthetic or weather-specific goals.

  1. Dutch gable carport

Similar to the four-sided pitched roof of a hip roof carport, a Dutch gable is pitched at the front and back of the roof, providing an infill to both ends. The long ridgeline of a Dutch gable carport is pitched at about 22.5 degrees and makes the roof easily drainable and simple to clean while giving a classic look.

  1. Open or closed sides

Another design element of carports to consider is either an open or closed carport. An open carport is typically the most cost-effective, quickest and simplest design to install and is great for protecting your car from light elements. If you’re after a cheap and easy solution, an open-sided carport is the one for you. However, if you are looking to elevate the appearance of your carport with additional features, a screen-sided carport can be customised according to your taste.

Choosing the right carport style is important to provide the protection and security that you need for one of your most valued assets. Leaving a car susceptible to the elements can cause rust, hail damage, damage from wildlife and wayward trees, and other damage that can be costly and difficult to repair. Carports no longer stick out like a sore thumb or lessen the street appeal of the property. Adding a carport to your home can add value, even more so if you already have a garage in place. Many people have multiple cars or several adults in the home, so adding extra car protection will go a long way in making your home stand out if you plan to sell.

When it comes to quality carports in Sydney, Correct Constructions can provide a design that is unique to your home’s aesthetic, the protective needs of your car and the weather patterns of your neighbourhood. Whether you need a carport for a vehicle, boat, trailer or something unique, we can construct a quality product that will stand the test of time.

With over 2 decades of experience building carports for Sydney locals, we are proud to provide affordable prices and local supply along with no obligation free quotes. Whether you know exactly what you want or need us to design your carport from the ground up, our experienced, qualified and creative team can create the exact carport to suit your needs and your space. Contact us for more information!

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