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Choosing The Style Of Patio?

Correct Constructions offers a range of styles and options to suit any Sydney home.

The choice of the patio style will be dependant on the style of your current home, the location of the patio and what you are trying to create with your new outdoor area.

Browse through the gallery on this page to get an idea of patios we have built and what kind of style would suit your home.

Patio Roof Options:

The roof of your patio will define the style, look & feel of your new outdoor area.

Here are the different options available and the difference in design:

flat patio roof

Gable Roofs:

This roof style is very similar to your traditional house roof where two sides meet in the centre of the patio. This style provides maximum protection from the sun & rain. The options for gable roofing include free standing or attaching it directly to your home.

pitched patio roof

Pitched Roofs:

This design will provide you with extra height for your patio. Low maintenance makes the pitched roof an attractive option as ongoing painting is not required and a simple wash is all that’s needed to maintain the quality finish.

domed patio roof

Domed Roofs:

The domed design is a perfect solution for lounging areas complementing swimming pools, terraces and parking areas. There is an increase in architectural complexity with the “wow” factor these styles provide. There are attached or detached options, elegant & modern designs and the sky is virtually the limit in terms of the the look & feel of your patio.

insulated patio roofing

Insulated Panel Roofing:

With insulated roofing your patio will have weather protection in both hot & cold conditions. In hot conditions this roofing style prevents the heat of the sun from beating through your roof. Whereas in winter conditions it stops heat from escaping the area as quickly.

Patio Framing Materials:

Colorbond Steel is a high quality & flexible solution for the framing of your patio. Apart from the fact it is durable to withstand any of Sydney’s weather conditions there are:

– virtually unlimited colour options
– quality and attractive finish
– zero rust
– safe & resistant to chipping, scratching & fading.

The Price Of A Patio:

The price of your patio is dependant on many factors. Style, Size, Location and the list goes on.

The best option to get a precise quote is to get in touch with our team.

We will visit your site, study the area and provide ideas for the best possible patio solution.

Our quotes are FREE and no-obligation. You can get in touch with our team right now on 0414342 842 or complete our free quote form here.

We look forward to helping you choose, design & construct the perfect patio for your Sydney home.

Gallery Of Patios We’ve Built: